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Global Expense Management Services

When employees relocate, they inevitably create a complex, individual and variable trail of expenses. A trail that needs to be checked, paid, reconciled, and reported. The consequences of mismanaging this trail can create a spiral of confusion and complaints both by your assignee and internal departments. ME Relocation’s expense management services will help you manage this trail and make sure you get the money right.

So how do we make sure we get the money right? ME Relocation’s expense management service breaks down into three interconnected areas:

  • Consultancy
  • Payment
  • Compliance

At the consultancy stage, we map your processes to ensure when we start relocation expense management for you, everything works the way you work meaning minimum disruption to your current process. Also during the consultancy stage, we can advise on the drafting and content of your policy documents and help with your budget planning.

The accurate receipt, recording, and payment of supplier invoices and assignee expense claims are the heart of our offering. Our online system allows all parties concerned to accurately upload, check, approve, and follow all expense trails from expenditure to payment.

The final stage is compliance. Our reporting will give you all tax, audit, and compliance data you need for payroll, accounting, and procurement. We guarantee accurate and precise reporting to avoid year-end headaches, infrequent reconciliations, and improper tax filings around the world.

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    • Mary B., VP of HR Operations

      Gas & Oil Company, Houston
      "Thanks for the great service! Since transitioning to ME Relocation to handle all of our employee mobility needs, we have increased our assignment satisfaction rating and have all the reporting necessary to make the right decisions."
    • Alfonso G., Director of Marketing

      News and Entertainment Company, Mexico City
      "ME Relocation made my relocation to Mexico City seamless and enjoyable! After being relocated several times with other companies, ME Relocation was by far the best!"
    • John W., Finance Director

      Major Hotel Chain, Miami
      "I was impressed with the level of knowledge and expertise ME Relocation had in administering my move from New York to Miami. Thanks for a great experience!"
    • James P., Software Engineer

      Software Company, Chicago
      "It has been a pleasure to work with ME Relocation. They have been a tremendous help in getting me settled and focused in Chicago. Thanks!"
    • Sara M., VP of Operations

      Biomedical Company, Los Angeles
      "When my company informed me that I would be managing their new office in San Diego, I was concerned how it would affect my family. ME Relocation was there to make the process simple and easy. Thank you so much!"
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