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ME Relocation not only offers relocation service, our objective is to surpass the expectations giving our clients a global service, so they can focus on their business with tranquility, knowing that the rest is resolved by a team of qualified professionals and in compliance with the policies of your company and the ethics that the market demands

Policy Consulting

Relocation and Global Mobility policies are a critical piece of any talent management program and should always be tailored to meet the specific needs and culture of an organization.

Movement of Household Goods

ME Relocation’s success is rooted in our unique approach to global moving services.

Home Sale Assistance

ME Relocation understands that getting the best price for your assignee’s home is vital to a successful relocation. We will provide the assignee with a list of agents to choose from and will order a Broker’s Market Analysis (BMA)

Home Finding Assistance

ME Relocation understands that finding the right home in a new location is vital to a successful relocation. The real estate professionals in the ME Relocation Real Estate Network have been specially trained to...

Area Orientations

An orientation visit prior to a new relocation is an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure an assignee and their family is prepared for and reconciled with a move.

Rental Assistance

ME Relocation arranges for a dedicated rental search service to secure a long-term rental home for your assignees. This includes researching the market thoroughly based on individual needs and requirements.

Temporary Housing

ME Relocation will research the market to secure short-term, serviced accommodation in line with your policy and requirements for your relocating assignees upon arrival at destination.

School Search Assistance

ME Relocation recognizes that parents are naturally concerned with the schooling of their children. We have designed programs to assist with professionally securing school and pre-school locations

Settling-in Services

The settling in assistance will provide your assignee and their family with help on the small details of day to day life, it is designed to ensure they are comfortable and in the right frame of mind in their new home and surroundings.

Language Training

ME Relocation’s Language Training services are created to specific requirements and tailored to fit the needs of the assignee, providing a cost-effective solution to Human Resources and direct managers:

Cultural Training

Cultural Training is designed to give assignees that are relocating to a new country the necessary tools to help them settle in quickly to their new working environment and communicate effectively with their new colleagues.

Global Expense Management Services

When employees relocate, they inevitably create a complex, individual and variable trail of expenses. A trail that needs to be checked, paid, reconciled, and reported.

Technology and Reporting

ME’s software is the comprehensive, single-source application to provide your firm with the tools needed to succeed in the global marketplace. Reporting functions, on-line expense entry and status, and global mobility estimators.

Partner Career Assistance

To assist your assignee’s partner and family in transitioning to the new location, family transition services can be offered from a ME provider that specializes in this field.

VISA / Immigration / Work Permit Assistance

Working in partnership with our global certified immigration attorneys.

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