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ME’s software is the comprehensive, single-source application to provide your firm with the tools needed to succeed in the global marketplace. Reporting functions, on-line expense entry and status, and global mobility estimators and calculation tools allow for appropriate review, exception management, and application of specific program strategies you need in today’s volatile global environments. Our software is recognized by Fortune 100 corporations, government agencies and third-party providers as the market-leading global assignment management solution.

Services Available:

Expense processing, flexible home sale accounting for equity funding, reconciliation support, buyout and resale processing, and processing of 1099s. Automation—Automatic email generation for reports, notifications and workflow management.

Tracking of budgeted verses actual costs for accrual purposes and initial assignment cost estimation.

Email functionality, templates, and automated letter/data merge functionality that reduces drafting and edit time in communicating at key points in the assignment management process.

Allows access to all employee receipts, vendor receipts and documents, employee reports and communications.

Simply stated, the import of data with an excel upload with multiple formats.

Tracking and reporting of exceptions for strategic policy review. Exceptions can be tracked relative to deviation from budget and/or policy provisions as they are entered in real time.

The industry standard for over 25 years. Pay-period and year-end gross-up calculations, true-up processing and employee tax reporting. Global Gross-Up available for over 50 countries.

Cost Estimation and Budgeting Tools, Compensation, Collection, Compensation Balance Sheet Preparation, Hypothetical Tax Estimation and Global Assignment Management Tools and reporting.

Customization available for integrating with most enterprise financial applications, A/P, A/R, Cash Flow and Payroll.

Compiles cost data for easy estimation of lump sum allowances, for Home finding, Temporary Living, Final Move, and Miscellaneous Travel, Lodging, Meals and Hotels.

Track and Report employee expenses in all standard global currencies. Translation of each expense item into over 10 currencies for comparison and reporting globally.

ME’s software incorporates over 100 standard reports, in addition to powerful ad-hoc reporting, robust dashboard capabilities, Microsoft® Excel, Word, and Outlook integration, and PDF publishing.

State of the art web access providing 24/7 access to critical information and input portals for managers, assignees and suppliers.

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