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Independent ownership


What sets ME Relocation apart from the rest is that ME Relocation is completely independent and is not owned by a parent company. Most commonly relocation management companies are owned by a real estate brokerage, moving company or temporary housing company. This unique quality gives ME Relocation the ability to use the best providers in any geographic location, without any restrictions.

About ME

As the business continues to expand domestically and globally, the mobility of workforces has increased commensurately. ME Relocation’s approach to meeting this demand has always been simple yet innovative: to understand the individual relocation needs of each company and each employee and growing and changing our services alongside the market and our clients.
Today, we continue to build on our understanding that the needs of every business and each relocation are different. We know that the success of a relocation depends as much on meeting an employee’s satisfaction as on the needs of the company. Using a unique service model that puts caring for the client and their employees at the center, offerings for every move are tailored to a company’s culture — leading to the highest quality results, time after time. 
We’re a team that works globally to provide the best service locally — a company that is everything you need, everywhere you need it.
Our staff of dedicated, experienced relocation professionals excel in both US domestic relocation and global mobility services. The team of experts that ME Relocation assigns is tailored to the needs of the individual employee being relocated.  We are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about helping our client companies with their employee relocation needs.
Much of ME Relocation’s success comes through repeat business and the referrals of our satisfied clients and partners who have become our advocates.  Our philosophy involves sending out teams of trained executive relocation professionals devoted to earning and maintaining our goal of having 100% customer satisfaction.

ME’s Mission

Through a commitment to uncompromising quality, ME Relocation’s mission is to use our customer oriented approach to partner with our valued clients to consistently provide excellent employee relocation and global mobility services.

ME’s Vision

To establish long term partnerships with our corporate clients and their relocating employees by providing unmatched, insightful customer service that is geared toward empowering them to make knowledgeable decisions based on comprehensive information.
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